GREDDY 11520077 Twin Turbo Kit TD05 18G 8CM CPV35 Infiniti G35

GREDDY 11520077 Twin Turbo Kit TD05 18G 8CM CPV35 Infiniti G35
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Product Description

Leading the way in bolt-on turbo kits for normally-aspirated engines, GReddy turbo kits provide instant horsepower gains with less time and money while still having the potential for upgrading for even more power. Designed with turbochargers at the beginning end of their efficiency range, gives the buyer the option to increase power levels substantially, before having to ever upgrade the kit’s turbo. Unlike most turbo kits on the market today, our turbo kits are specifically designed for optimal response and performance while maintaining drivability, comfort and reliability. Since they are based on completely stock engines, these kits come with all the necessary basics, manifold, turbocharger, downpipe adapter, piping, hardware and heat-shields, in most kits, they even include pre-tuned fuel enrichment. A few of the kits are covered under CARB E.O. numbers, which make them 50-state street legal. If competition use is your goal, there are many GReddy upgrades (intercoolers, blow-off valves, fuel management and boost controllers) to boost the power output even further.


  • Years: 03-04
  • 2x TD05SH-18G
  • Cast Manifolds
  • Ext w/g's
  • W/e-Manage
  • 440cc inj

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