AEM 30-2850 CDI Short Pencil Single Coil Kit Universal

AEM 30-2850 CDI Short Pencil Single Coil Kit Universal
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Product Description

AEM’s new CDI Pencil Coils are now available! Easily allowing the conversion to coil-on-plug ignition systems, these Pencil Coils will work with aftermarket engine-management systems. Additionally, when Pencil Coils are used in high-boost, high-RPM, or high-compression applications, an increase in spark energy can be seen over factory smart coils.


  • Compatible with all standard automotive spark plugs including threaded tip style
  • Kit includes pencil coil, connector, connector pins, pin lock and weather seals
  • Available in two different lengths for optimum plug reach
  • Two-wire CDI compatible coil
  • Must be used with CDI ignition module
  • Measurements: Long coils measure 6.54 inches in total length
  • Measurements: Short coils measure 5.64 inches in total length

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