Stillen 307370 Under Chassis Brace 04-08 Nissan 350Z

Stillen 307370 Under Chassis Brace 04-08 Nissan 350Z
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Stillen 307370 Under Chassis Brace 04-08 Nissan 350Z

Chassis flex is the enemy of good handling. These Stillen Chassis Braces help transform your 03-08 350Z into a sure footed slot car. This setup is great for serious road warriors and those Z’s that see track-day duty.

Red powder coated braces link the suspension components together, minimizing cornering-load induced flexing. The Installation is bolt on, with no drilling or modifications required.

The individual pieces are the Underbody Chassis Brace which triangulates the factory front suspension braces with the structural members running down either side of the transmission tunnel, a Rear Camber Brace and a Lower Control Arm Brace that link the rear suspension pickup points together, strengthening an area that is prone to flexing.

Pieces may be used independently, but for maximum effectiveness and to allow your suspension to work to its full extent, we recommend all three braces be used. A perfect match for our front adjustable control arms and rear adjustable camber and toe arm kits.

Does not bolt up to 2003 350Z, no threaded mounting holes. Can be done, but has to be drilled and bolted by customer.

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