Stillen 407353IC3 Supercharger System 05-06 Nissan 350Z

Stillen 407353IC3 Supercharger System 05-06 Nissan 350Z
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Stillen 407353IC3 Supercharger System 05-06 Nissan 350Z

The wait is over! Owners of the 300hp VQ35DE engines have a reliable forced induction package to push their car to over 410hp and 380 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel (Stage 3 with the Stillen Dual Path Exhaust, Part #504350D, as tested on STILLEN's dyno*). Using proven components, our kit is designed to bring your 350Z to the next level of performance.

Proven on the streets and at the strip since 2003, Stillen makes the most reliable forced induction kit for the 350Z. Our Stage 3 kit is a proven combo for outstanding power with minimal maintenance. The foundation of this kit is the same twin-screw supercharger used by OEM's around the world. We chose it for the same reasons they did - excellent peak power coupled with superior low end and midrange. The internal high efficiency air to water intercooler design allows for more power and torque via a greatly reduced inlet charge temperature. This design also eliminates complex and cluttered intercooler piping. Our kits use an internal bypass valve, which minimizes parasitic loss. This results in a 30% to 66% increase in useable power.

These kits ship complete with all the parts needed to get your vehicle on the road with minimal down time. Our electronic control box is factory set to your vehicle and extra fuel is supplied by an auxiliary injector. With the Stage 3 kit, more fuel is supplied by a high-volume in tank fuel pump. When you want more power for your car, but don't want to give up daily drivability STILLEN will be there to supply you with everything you need.

All dyno numbers are as tested on STILLEN's vehicles and supported by our extensive testing of customer vehicles. Flywheel numbers are computed from these. Individual vehicles can vary. Factors such as vehicle state of tune, engine condition, mileage, fuel quality and octane, transmission, other modifications, air temperature and density, humidity and the ability to monitor and control operating temperatures during testing.

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