Stillen 407380ICP Supercharger System 03-04 Infiniti FX35

Stillen 407380ICP Supercharger System 03-04 Infiniti FX35
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Product Description

Stillen 407380ICP Supercharger System 03-04 Infiniti FX35

STILLEN 2003 350Z Stage 2 Supercharger - Automatic and Manual transmission.

  • The Most Reliable Forced Induction for the 350Z / G35 / FX35
  • Choose Your Power - Up to 410 Flywheel Horsepower
  • The Only 50 State Legal Supercharger or Turbocharger for the 350Z / G35 / FX35 (Stage 2 only)
  • The Only Supercharger or Turbo Kit with an optional 3 year / 36,000 mile engine warranty (Stage 2 only)
  • The most mid range power and torque - no one else comes close
  • Available in black or polished finishes (additional cost for polished)
  • Delivered Fully Tuned for Your Vehicle
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Average Install Time of 12 Hours
  • Sophisticated Fuel and Timing Management
  • Quiet Operation, no Whine or Whistle

Powerful, Reliable and 50 State Legal
Proven on the streets and strips of the U.S. since 2003, Stillen makes the most reliable forced induction kit for the 350Z / G35 / FX35. Our Stage 2 kit is the only forced induction kit to gain CARB approval; it is legal for street use in all 50 states!

Twin Screw Design
This is the same unit employed by O.E. manufacturers such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and others. We chose it for the same reasons they did - excellent peak power coupled with superior low end and midrange. Check the comparison dyno chart - as you leave idle the Stillen blower is making gobs of power and torque before the centrifugals and turbos spool up. On the street or track, this is a faster and more user friendly system. Maintenance is minimal.

Stillen's engineering team worked intensively on this project for nearly a year before the first unit was sold.How detailed an undertaking this was can be illustrated in the intake plenums. Several designs were tested. The end result optimizes air flow, fuel distribution and efficient power production. It also provides for the intercooler. The production of the plenum is a multi step process. First the pieces are cast using a Stillen developed mold. Each piece is then deburred in Stillen's machine shop. It is then sent out for heat treating. After heat treating it is powder coated. It then returns to Stillen for final machining. And this is only one of several hundred parts that comprise the supercharger system!

The Stillen supercharger is supplied to you or your installer fully tuned. Fuel is supplied via a 7th injector that is mounted in the inlet tube. It is regulated via a electronic unit that is factory set for your vehicle. This also modifies the timing map to optimize it for the supercharged engine.

The result is a faster, more fun and dependable unit. The Stillen supercharged 350Z, G35 or FX35 has a split personality. On the one hand it is has the acceleration of a rocket sled - it's fast enough to get you into or out of trouble. On the other, it is well mannered and can be driven normally around town or on the freeway. In normal driving, gas mileage is minimally affected.

Hood Options
The 350Z and G35 will require additional hood clearance. We offer paintable fiberglass and carbon fiber replacement hoods for these vehicles. Also available are paintable fiberglass or carbon fiber hood cowls (350Z and G35 Coupe) supplied with templates for installing on the stock hood. The FX35 utilizes the stock hood.

Stage Details, Warranty, Options
Stage 2 is CARB legal, Stages 1 and 2 are available with an optional 3 year/36,000 mile engine warranty, Stages 2 and 3 are intercooled. The supercharger is covered by its own 12 month warrantee. These units are upgradeable in the range of Stage 1 to 3. Now also available in polished finish!

Supercharger Horsepower Increases Over Stock

  • STAGE 1 - Flywheel - 82 hp / Wheel - 67 hp
  • STAGE 2 - Flywheel - 95 hp / Wheel - 75 hp
  • STAGE 3 - Flywheel - 123 hp / Wheel - 101 hp

(All wheel dyno numbers are as tested on Stillen's 350Zs and supported by our extensive testing of customer vehicles. Flywheel numbers are computed from these. Individual vehicles can vary. Factors such as vehicle state of tune, engine condition, mileage, fuel quality and octane, transmission, other modifications, air temperature and density, humidity and the ability to monitor and control operating temperatures during testing.

This Supercharger kit requires that you replace the stock spark plugs with plugs that are 1 heat range colder.

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