Agency Power AP-Z33-153 Aluminum Radiator Kit Nissan 350Z

Agency Power AP-Z33-153 Aluminum Radiator Kit Nissan 350Z
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Agency Power AP-Z33-153 Aluminum Radiator Kit Nissan 350Z

For any vehicle, improved cooling is an issue that may be overlooked. When engine temperatures are high, the efficiency of your motor goes down. By providing better cooling capacity, you can maximize your engines performance. Increasing the radiator core dimensions and improving upon the flow design, Agency Power has developed these performance radiators kits. Whether your car is turbocharged or normally aspirated, an upgraded aluminum radiator will give you more performance on and off the track.

The all aluminum radiator features a high pressure radiator cap, aluminum construction, and mounting tabs for a direct OEM replacement. The factory fans and radiator hoses will fit with no modification. This kit is very easy to install and should only take about 1 hour. The core dimensions for this aluminum radiator are 29.55” x 19.30” x 2.53”. That is almost 25% bigger then the stock unit. In addition to having a larger cooling capacity, the aluminum radiators are much more durable then stock. The factory plastic end tanks can crack under extreme heat and pressure. Under racing conditions, your water temperatures can near boiling points. As tested under the intense Arizona heat conditions, the aluminum end tanks and larger core size help keep the temperature down by at least 15F degrees.

In addition to the aluminum radiator, Agency Power recommends upgrading to our silicone radiator hose kit and putting a coolant additive in with your fluids to help keep temperatures down. Radiators include 1.1bar radiator cap with Agency Power logo.


  • Years: 03-06
  • Aluminum Radiator Dimensions 29.55"x 19.30"x2.53"
  • 1.1 bar radiator cap
  • Polished Aluminum

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