CJ Motorsports Stage 2 Return Fuel System - 03-06 Nissan 350z

CJ Motorsports Stage 2 Return Fuel System - 03-06 Nissan 350z
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By upgrading the entire 2003-2006 Nissan 350z feed system (starting directly after the pump) you can reach the highest flow capacity possible from a single in-tank pump. This is the purpose of the CJM Stage 2 fuel return system. It includes 3 additional components that replace the factory feed line with high flow components. Depending on the strength of your Walbro 255, this combo will top off between 600 - 650rwhp.

This kit features a return correction kit which maintains swirl pot and siphon venturi function. This means that your vehicles fuel level gauge will work precisely the same, and you are able to use all the fuel in the tank just as stock. Without this correction kit, your car will not be able to use the last 1/3rd or so fuel in the tank.

Included in the Stage 2 kit are:
1. Fuel Output Fitting
2. Fuel Output Hose
3. Under car Feed Pipe
4. Twin Rail Feed Line
5. Premium Fuel Rails with Dampener ports!
6. Rail Return Hoses
7. Regulator Kit
8. Fuel Return Hose
9. Return Correction Kit

This kit is the premium kit with the Damper ports for the best overall performance. You will need some additional parts to complete the kit from Nissan/Infiniti. If you would like to purchase the kit complete with these additional parts just let us know and we can get them for you for an additional charge.

2 x 22675-JA10A 2 x 17571-7Y00A 2 x 16618-JA10A

Heres the article explaining how to install the dampers:


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