Perrin PEP-ENG-405 Front Mount Intercooler Mitsubishi Evolution 10

Perrin PEP-ENG-405 Front Mount Intercooler Mitsubishi Evolution 10
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Product Description

Perrin PEP-ENG-405 Front Mount Intercooler Mitsubishi Evolution 10

Front Mount Intercooler - A key to making more power on any turbocharged engine is the addition of a high performance air-to-air intercooler. This part in the simplest of terms, cools the air going from the turbo into your engine, much the same as a radiator cools the water inside the engine, by transferring the excess heat way using multiple passages through a core. A PERRIN intercooler fits easily to the front of your Subaru to maximize cooling.

Intercooler Core - The PERRIN intercooler core is designed to our specs, specifically for your high horsepower EVO X. The PERRIN bar and plate core design is much more durable than weaker/thinner tube and fin (OEM style) with the ability to withstand rocks and other debris, which is important when mounted on the front of a car. You can see how small and restrictive the charge side tubes on the stock intercooler are compared to our massive 3/8" channels. This is one of the reasons our intercooler makes more power, by being less restrictive.

Cast Endtanks - The PERRIN Performance designed endtanks control the dispersal of hot air across the entire intercooler core. With no 90 degree corners and a smoother, gradual taper from top to bottom this ensures the highest flow possible. Each endtank has OEM type mounting brackets built onto them to solidly mount the intercooler to the chassis.

Pressure Testing - PERRIN Performance is one of the only intercooler manufactures who pressure tests every intercooler. We pressurize every intercooler to 50 psi. on our specially designed jigs to ensure safe repeatable results. Even the slightest leak can cause your vehicle to loose power, literally bleeding turbo boost pressure out the intercooler.

T-bolt Clamps - T-bolt clamp are standard on PERRIN intercoolers. They are designed for uniform clamping at all points around the band. The wider band distributes the force over a larger area and the Fine threaded bolts with nylon lock nuts allow for accurate torque and proper clamping. Never re-tighten down the road, plus each clamp is made in the USA and has the torque spec engraved on each one.

Finish - Every PERRIN intercooler is powder coated further protecting your intercooler from the elements making it look awesome for years to come. Available with either a black or silver powder coating.

Perrin Stencils - Included with our front mount intercooler is a free PERRIN logged intercooler stencil. Use the stencil to easily paint the PERRIN logo across the front of your intercooler. Simply peel stick paint and remove.

5 Year Warranty - PERRIN Performance warrants to the original purchaser, all PERRIN products to be free from defects in material and workmanship within a sixty (60) months period from the date of purchase.

Box Contents:

  • (1) Mitsubishi EVO X Front Mount Intercooler
  • (2) Perrin Silicone Couplers
  • (4) Perrin T-Bolt Clamps
  • (1) Perrin Stencil


  • Mitsubishi EVO X GSR
  • 08-12 Mitsubishi EVO X MR
  • Mitsubishi EVO 8/9

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