SZ 3" 5 Bolt Expansion Turbo Down Pipes(overseas) - Nissan 300zx TT

SZ 3" 5 Bolt Expansion Turbo Down Pipes(overseas) - Nissan 300zx TT
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Product Description

These SZ 3" 5 Bolt expansion downpipes are made overseas for the budget minded shopped looking for good horsepower at a reasonable price.

SZ checks these pipes and finishes them in house so that they are up to their quality and inspection.

SZs new unique design improves upon our older super splits by increasing the overall diameter to 3" using a coned expansion process. The reason this type of down pipe works better is because the exhaust coming off the turbo wheel is spinning extremely fast and whipping in a circle. If the exhaust comes off the turbo wheel and enters a much larger area, it becomes more turbulent slowing the exhaust velocity. In addition, when the wastegate opens the two turbulent exhaust gases fight each other causing more turbulence. By keeping the exhaust in a pipe similar to the size of the exhaust wheel and separating the wastegate, you dramatically speed up the velocity of the exhaust gases, causing the turbos to spool about 500 RPM sooner than an open pipe design. The wastegate separator bolts to the down pipe and fits in the turbo exhaust housing creating a perfect circle for the exhaust to exit like an external wastegate turbo.

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