Tokico D-Spec F&R Shocks/Springs - Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35

Tokico D-Spec F&R Shocks/Springs - Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35
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Product Description

The capability of the Tokico D-Spec 16 way adjustable shock to be such a multi-use product, results from a sophisticated piston and valving design, combined with a unique variable-aperture bypass controlled by an adjustable slide valve. Tokico D-Spec adjustments change both rebound and compression damping simultaneously. Between the hard and soft settings, the Tokico D-Spec is infinitely adjustable. D-Spec shocks and struts are sold in sets of four. Each set includes a manual giving pointers on how to adjust the Tokico D-Spec as well as various suspension tuning tips. This kit includes 4 shocks/struts and 4 lowering springs.

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