Z1 2.4" SS Test Pipes - Nissan 300zx TT

Z1 2.4" SS Test Pipes - Nissan 300zx TT
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Product Description

This exhaust section resides between the downpipes and cat-back section of the exhaust tract. It eliminates the stock catalytic converters to enhance exhaust gas flow and provide the least possible resistance. This translates into better spool up of the turbos and more power realized from not choking the engine''s exhaust stroke. We typically see increases in power of ~17RWHP and even more torque. We recommend these 2.4" diameter pipes for applications up to 600 hp as we have seen virtually no gain in going to 2.5" test pipes at the 500 hp level. *Due to the removal of the catalytic converter, this product is for off road use only.

These pipes are Stainless Steel and feature tig welded flanges and hanger brackets.

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