Cosworth 20023845 Stroker Kit Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 2.2L

Cosworth 20023845 Stroker Kit Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 2.2L
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Product Description

Cosworth 20023845 Stroker Kit Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 2.2L

Increased engine displacement results in increased power and torque and the race proven, record breaking, Cosworth 2.2L Mitsubishi 4G63 stroker kit assembly is one of the best way to add performance to your engine.

Technical Features:

A high power Mitsubishi 4G63 engine places enormous amounts of stress on various engine components including the heart of the engine, the crankshaft. Employing F1 engine technology and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Cosworth has engineered a 94mm (2.2L) crankshaft that is 50%-80% stronger in critical areas than typical aftermarket parts. By enlarging the rod journal diameter and increasing rod to main journal overlap, high stress areas have been strengthened and crankshaft flex has been reduced resulting in a component that is dependable for all forms of racing. For maximum reliability each crankshaft features the same oiling scheme as our world class four cylinder race engines that have won all forms of racing including WRC, BTCC, and Formula Atlantic. Additional features include journal radius and various machined areas that are optimized for maximum strength. These features, when combined with Cosworth matched motorsport grade engine components, will yield potentially big gains in torque while allowing the engine to rotate and produce power in the higher rpm range.

Each Cosworth crankshaft is machined in house at our world class facility in Northampton England from a solid billet of EN40B steel and include a 90 hour heat treat and quench process in a nitrogen atmosphere and bath. Most aftermarket crankshaft manufactures that harden their components only use an 8 hour process. Cosworth crankshafts also include an Isotropic Superfinish for superior friction reduction and lubrication properties.

The Cosworth 4G63 2.2L Stroker assembly (PN 20023845) combines matched motorsport grade components including Cosworth Forged Pistons, Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods and Cosworth Steel Backed Bearings ensuring maximum reliable performance.


  • Cosworth Forged Piston set (86mm) includes rings and tool steel pins
  • Cosworth Fully Counter-weighted Billet Crankshaft (94mm-Large journal design)
  • Cosworth Forged Connecting Rods
  • Cosworth Tri-Metal Rod Bearings
  • Cosworth Tri-Main Bearing
  • With 94mm Billet Crankshaft - Larger 52mm rod journal

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