Alta AMP-EXT-100BR Dual Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System Brushed MINI R53

Alta AMP-EXT-100BR Dual Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System Brushed MINI R53
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Alta AMP-EXT-100BR Dual Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System Brushed MINI R53

The ALTA Performance R53 exhaust system sounds, looks great and performs the way the factory system should have. The exhaust note is pleasant and lively at idle while giving a sporty, throaty growl under hard acceleration. You get all these benefits without any annoying resonances at high idle or while cruising the interstate!

Construction - The ALTA cat-back exhaust uses 2.5" diameter 304 Stainless Steel tubing and is the perfect match for the high revving, supercharged power plant in your Cooper S. The ALTA Performance exhaust system directs exhaust gases through two strategically placed mufflers. This combination reduces the sound volume down to a low growl while the straight through design provides maximum air flow. While perfectly suited for otherwise stock Cooper S's, the system is a real power builder on Cooper "S" equipped with our S/C pulley, intake system and other engine modifications.

Single Side Design - The "S" shape of the ALTA exhaust system favors high horsepower by increasing exhaust gas velocity, while maintaining the factory exhaust tip location. Our exhaust system travels down the center of the car, around one side of the battery box, then out the center bumper cut out. This routing is simple, light weight, and very clean looking. Our system is offset to the passenger side of the car, to help counterbalance the weight of the driver.

V-Band - ALTA exhaust systems are the only systems available for the MINI which feature V-band flanged joints, V-band flanges make installation easy because they do not require a gasket and offer more system adjustment for better tip placement. Easy to remove and reinstall for routine maintenance, and never any blown gaskets!

Finish Options - This ALTA exhaust system features a brushed metal finish. The muffler section is available in either a brushed metal or Stealth Black option. The brushed finish has a grainy metal look which is easy maintained with a Scotchbrite abrasive pad. The Black allows you to hide your aftermarket exhaust for a stealth look.

Lifetime Warranty - ALTA Performance warrants to the original purchaser, all ALTA cat-back exhaust systems to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Box Contents:

  • (1) Complete MINI Cooper S Cat-Back Exhaust
  • (1) 2002-2003 MINI Cooper Exhaust Hanger
  • (1) 2004-2006 MINI Cooper Exhaust Hanger
  • Mounting Hardware
  • License Plate Frames
  • Stickers
  • Instructions
  • Warranty


  • 02-06 MINI Cooper S

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