Nissan 1995 300zx OEM Full Gasket kit

Nissan 1995 300zx OEM Full Gasket kit
Item# 10101-48P86
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Product Description

1995 Nissan 300zx OEM Engine gasket kits part# 10101-48P86 are used when you are rebuilding your engine or heads.

Included in both Non-Turbo/Turbo Kits include :

-Rear Main Seal
-Rear Main Seal Retainer Gasket
-Oil Jet Gaskets x3
-Drain Plug Washer
-Front & Rear Oil Pan Gaskets
-Head Gaskets x2
-Cam Shaft Seals x4
-Valve Seals x24
-Oil Filler Cap O-ring
-Valve Cover Seals x2
-Crank Angle Sensor/Timing Belt Cover Seal
-Timing Belt Cover Seals x6
-Timing Belt Cover Grommets x4
-Lower Intake to Head Gaskets x2
-Upper Intake to Lower Manifold Gasket
-Balance Tube O-rings x3
-Throttle Body Gaskets x2
-Exhaust Manifold Gaskets x2
-EGR Gaskets x4
-Front Crank Shaft Seal
-Oil Pump Gasket
-Oil Strainer O-ring
-Oil Filter Bracket Gasket
-AAC Valve Gasket

Also Included in the Twin Turbo Gaskets kits are:
-Exhaust Manifold to Turbo Gaskets x2
-Turbo to 4-bolt Pre-Cats(Downpipes) Gaskets x2
-Turbo Outlet Gaskets x2
-Turbo Feed Copper Gaskets x3
-Turbo Water Line Copper Gaskets x8
-Turbo Oil Return Tube Gaskets x2

NOTE: When doing a FULL rebuild two gaskets and seals are missing from this kit. The exhaust valve cover seal and turbo inlet gaskets. They are listed below so you can add them and complete your kit.


Nissan 300zx OEM Exhaust Valve Cover Seal
Nissan 300zx OEM Exhaust Valve Cover Seal(rubber half moon) goes between the exhaust valve cover and the head. This seal is NOT included in the OEM full gasket set from Nissan. It is recommended to replace these when doing any headwork or when replacing or redoing the valve covers.

2 are required
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Nissan 300zx OEM Turbo inlet gasket
The Nissan 300zx OEM Turbo inlet gasket is the gasket for the turbo inlet pipe.
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