Nissan 300zx OEM 120K Service Timing Belt Kit

Nissan 300zx OEM 120K Service Timing Belt Kit
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Product Description

This Nissan 300zx 120K service timing belt kit includes everything needed when doing the timing belt service at 120K miles. This kit includes the following Nissan OEM parts:

-Timing Belt
-Timing Belt Tensioner
-Water Pump
-Coolant Bypass Hoses(2)
-VTC Springs(2)
-VTC O-rings(2)
-Cam Seals(4)
-Crank Seal
-Crankshaft Sprocket
-F&R Crankshaft Sprocket Washers
-Idler Pulleys(2)
-Idler Pulley Studs, Nuts, and Washers(2 each)


Nissan 300zx OEM Accessory Belts(Set of 3)
It is a good idea to change your Nissan 300zx accessory belts every 60K miles. We recommend doing the accessory belts at the same time you do your 60K/120K/180K/etc service.
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