Stage 2 VQ35 Block - Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35

Stage 2 VQ35 Block - Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35
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Product Description

This Stage 2 VQ35 Engine short Block is good for someone with a Twin turbo system on their Nissan 350z or Infiniti G35 that wants a safe and reliable bottom end when pushing the limits. The stage 2 package is good for up to 850 Rwhp. The Stage 2 VQ35 block comes with a full one year warranty against machining defects and comes with our 20+ years experience on building Nissan motors.

This package includes:

Products in bold are upgraded from previous stage

CP Pistons
Carillo Rods
ARP Rod Bolts
Block inspected and cleaned
Block redecked
Block Bored and Honed using a Torque Plate
Block water passages cut for HR Haeadgaskets
Rotating assembly balanced
Crank magnafluxed and the journals micro-polished
New Moly coated Race Spec main bearings installed
New Moly coated Race Spec rod bearings installed
Block prepped and assembled

*** Ceramic/Moly Coating can be added to the Piston Tops and Skirts for an Additional $325. ***

*** Shipping will be by Truck Freight. Please contact us for a shipping quote. ***


Ceramic/Moly Piston Coating
Coating the piston reduces friction and wear, reduces part operating temperature, can increase horse power and torque, reduce or eliminate detonation, and allow tighter piston to wall clearances for a better ring seal.
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ARP VQ35 Main Stud Kit - 03-06 Nissan 350z
The ARP VQ35 Main Stud Kit for the 2003-2006 Nissan 350z is a must have for anyone looking to rebuild their VQ35DE motor.

ARP recommends the use of main studs over bolts whenever possible for several key reasons. First is the ability to obtain more accurate torque readings because studs don’t “twist” into the block. All clamping forces are on one axis. By the same token, there is less force exerted on the block threads, which contributes to improved block life (very critical on aluminum blocks). Finally, there are factors of easier engine assembly and proper alignment of caps every time.
Regular price: $220.00
Your price: $170.00
VQ Block Core Charge
This core charge is charged when shipping an upgraded block to you before you return your block. The core charge will be refunded once a rebuildable core is returned to us. Must include a usable Block, Crank, and Main Girdle at the very minimum.

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