Stage 2 VQ35 Heads - Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35

Stage 2 VQ35 Heads - Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35
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Product Description

The stage 2 VQ35 heads are for someone who has forced induction in their Nissan 350z or Infiniti G35 and needs more airflow through the heads. If you are rebuilding your bottom end it is a good idea to get your heads refreshed. We have over 20+ years experience with Nissan/Infiniti motors and know what it takes to make power.

Package Includes:

Products in bold are upgraded from previous stage

JWT S1, S2, C2, C8, C9 or S7 RevUp, C8 RevUp, C9 RevUp Upgraded Cams
JWT Heavy Duty Valve Springs
Heads inspected and cleaned
Heads redecked
Ported exhaust and intake runners
5 angle radius cut valve job
New OEM Valve stem seals installed
Valve Stem Heights set
Cold Clearance set for cams
Heads prepped and assembled


VQ Heads Core Charge
This core charge is charged when shipping upgraded heads to you before you return your heads. The core charge will be refunded once rebuildable cores are returned to us. The Core will need to have undamaged valves, lifters, cams, and all cam caps to get a full refund.

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