Z1 GT600R Turbos - Nissan 300zx TT

Z1 GT600R Turbos - Nissan 300zx TT
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Product Description

These Z1 Nissan 300zx kit is based on the Garrett GT BB design of the GT2560R (formerly GT28R), this kit offers a bolt on solution with all the parts necessary for installation. Z1 has invested in having all of the brackets, flanges, adapters, and fittings mass produced in order to provide you with an economical trouble free solution. This turbo kit bridges the gap between our GT525 and GT675R kits. This kit is very similar in design and performance to the JWT Sport 530BB. Great response and reliability from the new Garrett GT BB cartridge with power potential of nearly 600 rwhp with appropriate modifications and tuning.

Kit includes: New Garrett GT BB Turbochargers (2), New high pressure adjustable wastegate actuators and brackets (2), Braided Stainless Steel Oil feed lines with .035" restrictors and fittings(2), turbo->manifold gaskets(2), 5 bolt turbo->downpipe gaskets(2), compressor inlet gasket(4), compressor outlet gasket (4) oil return line gasket (4) oil return line spacer (2), Slotted oil return line (2), Compressor housing inlet adapter flange with 2 allen head fasteners(2), Compressor housing outlet adapter flange with 3 allen head fasteners (2) Kit also comes with flange adapters already mounted.

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