"DOOLZ" Dual Intake - Nissan 300zx TT

"DOOLZ" Dual Intake - Nissan 300zx TT
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This Doolz Dual Air Intake setup for the Nissan 300zx TT evenly splits the intake air volume to maintain equal flow of air through both filters. Not only does this eliminate the need for low load driveability hoses to be installed, but it produces consistent A/F results from one car to the next. The stock MAS unit unfortunately has a ceiling and it can only accurately meter air up to around 550RWHP. Because the amount of metered air is split in half between both ides with the DOOLZ, the maximum airflow quantity which can be correctly metered is doubled thereby raising your maximum allowable airflow rating. It has also dyno-proven itself to give an additional 10RWHP/10RWTQ at the 400RWHP level. We have measured gains of over 20WHP/20RWTQ at the 500 hp level. Larger gains will be realized as power output increases however, the largest purpose of this setup is to get you past the ~550RWHP airflow limit of a single-MAS setup.

Kit includes:

-4 ply silicone couplers (red, black, or blue)
-hose clamps
-Powder Coated piping(Black, White, Silver, or Red)
-dummy MAS

If upgrading from a single performance intake you'll need one additional filter or two filters if upgrading from the stock airbox.

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