Cobb Tuning 552110 Oval Tip Cat-Back Exhaust 08-13 Mitsubishi

Cobb Tuning 552110 Oval Tip Cat-Back Exhaust 08-13 Mitsubishi
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Cobb Tuning 552110 Oval Tip Cat-Back Exhaust 08-13 Mitsubishi

Presenting the COBB 3” SS Oval-Tip Cat Back Exhaust for the Mitsubishi EVO X. This direct replacement cat back exhaust boasts 304 stainless steel construction, a custom high-flow straight-through muffler design and impressive exhaust note.

Significant attention was devoted to the packaging of this exhaust. Tubing diameter was increased to 3" and bends were kept to a minimum with large radii for optimum flow characteristics. Fitment was extensively worked to ensure maximum ground clearance to accommodate cars with very low ride heights. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory cat back exhaust, it uses all of the stock mounting points and is compatible with the factory cat pipe as well as the previously released COBB High Flow Cat Pipe.

Exhaust gasses are guided through 3-inch diameter tubing into the center inlet of the fully-24-inch wide muffler section. Internal to the muffler, the exhaust gasses pass through a reversed Y merge, efficiently splitting the exhaust into separate muffling chambers on each side of the canister. 2.5-inch outlets emerge symmetrically from each side of the canister and direct the exhaust out the rear through quad polished exhaust tips. This straight-through exhaust design is much more effective at reducing exhaust back-pressure as can be seen in the illustrations.

304 stainless steel is used throughout the exhaust construction. All components are meticulously TIG welded for outstanding appearance and strength. Four custom exhaust tips fill the factory bumper cut-outs perfectly, protruding just enough to show off the COBB logos etched into the top of each polished tip. Perfect fitment is achieved with either the Subaru factory downpipe or the COBB 3" SS Downpipe.

Potent performance need not attract the attention of over-zealous law enforcement. Despite the superior flow characteristics of the COBB EVO X Cat Back exhaust, it still conforms to strict SAE sound emission requirements of 95 decibels, even when paired with the COBB EVO X Downpipe and COBB EVO X Cat Pipe. The oval round tips are the maximum diameter that can be used with the factory diffuser. No diffuser or bumper modification is necessary with this catback.

The COBB 3" Oval-Tip SS Cat Back Exhaust for the EVO X offers unmatched performance, OEM fitment, innovative engineering and outstanding craftsmanship.


  • Straight-through optimum flow design
  • 304 stainless throughout for corrosion resistance
  • Dual oval polished tips
  • TIG welded throughout
  • 3" to dual 2.5"
  • Impressive exhaust note


  • 08-13 Mitsubishi EVO X (GSR)
  • 10-11 Mitsubishi EVO X (GSR SE)
  • 08-13 Mitsubishi EVO X (MR/MR-T)

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