Cobb Tuning 7C1070 MAF Block Off Plate Kit 08-13 Nissan GT-R

Cobb Tuning 7C1070 MAF Block Off Plate Kit 08-13 Nissan GT-R
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Cobb Tuning 7C1070 MAF Block Off Plate Kit 08-13 Nissan GT-R

This MAF Block-Off Plate Kit is the perfect way to eliminate the OEM Mass Airflow Sensors (MAF) from the intake path when converting to Speed Density tuning.

The COBB Tuning MAF Block-Off Plate Kit is the perfect complement to Speed Density tuning. Speed Density tuned vehicles use a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor to monitor the mass of ingested air instead of the OEM Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors, which means the MAF sensors can be removed from the intake tubes. Removing the MAF sensors eliminates points of restriction and turbulence in the intake tract, but can present additional issues if not done properly. The COBB Tuning MAF Block-Off Plates are the easiest way to safely delete the MAF sensors for optimal performance and enhanced engine bay appearance.

We start with billet 6061 T6 aluminum and CNC-machine a plate/plug to seal off the openings left when the MAF sensors are removed. The plug has two unique features that are key to reliable performance. The first is an O-ring that tightly seals the Block-Off Plate to the MAF sensor opening, preventing unfiltered air from entering the intake tract. The second feature is the shape of the plug face, which is sculpted to exactly match the inside curve of the MAF tube. When seated, the plug completey fills the MAF sensor opening and the face sits flush with the inside of the MAF tube. This provides smooth, uninterrupted walls that prevent turbulence.

The COBB MAF Block-Off Plates are hard anodized in black for a durable, corrosion resistant finish. The Block-Off Plates then go back on the CNC mill for a final pass to have the COBB logo machined into their top faces. The kits are finished off with stainless steel button-head screws and black nylon washers that give the plates a professional appearance when installed. The COBB MAF Block-Off Plate Kits work with stock intakes, COBB SF Intakes, COBB Big SF Intakes, and any direct replacement intake with an inner diameter similar to stock.


  • Machined from 6061 T6 billet alluminum
  • Hard Anodized Black for a durable, corrosion resistant finish
  • Sculpted plug-faces create smooth internal surfaces eliminating turbulance
  • O-Ring sealed to prevent unfiltered air from entering system
  • Stainless steel screws and black nylon washer hardware
  • COBB logo machined into plate faces

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