Perrin PSP-SUS-217 Xtreme Duty Rear Endlinks 04-07 Subaru STI

Perrin PSP-SUS-217 Xtreme Duty Rear Endlinks 04-07 Subaru STI
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Perrin PSP-SUS-217 Xtreme Duty Rear Endlinks 04-07 Subaru STI

XD products are made with the highest quality materials and designed for poor weather climates where your suspension has to hold up against road salts and de-icer chemicals which can corrode your suspension.

Direct Replacement - OEM end links are known to fail with upgraded sway bars. PERRIN end links provide a solid No-Flex connection between your sway bar and chassis which translates into a more predictable handling car.

Construction - PERRIN Sway bar end links are machined from solid 6061T6 aluminum and anodized for corrosion protection. The low profile design of PERRIN end links allow for ample clearance for even the largest diameter swaybars.

Better Than Stock - Stock Subaru endlinks are made with a thin steel bar. PERRIN endlinks are solid aluminum with shperical bearings for great feel and fluid response.

Bearings - PERRIN end links feature Teflon lined spherical bearings which increase the articulation angles while maintaining a smooth resistance free sway bar motion. XD stainless steel bearings resist corrosion and work flawlessly in the harshest environments. PERRIN end links use cir-clip bearing retainers.

Weather Resistant - PERRIN XD endlinks were designed for those living in climates where your vehicle is commonly exposed to corrosive elements. The combination of aluminum, stainless steel bearings, and yellow zinc plated hardware make PERRIN performance endlinks very weather resistant and unaffected by wet climates and road salt.

Jeff Recommended Part - Subaru's rear suspension has a flaw. Under certain driving conditions your endlinks can change position and flip under your control arms. This causes major damage to the suspension and of course the endlinks. I highly recommend installing sway bars, stout mounts and endlinks all at the same time. This allows you to adjust the swaybar to a position that will eliminate this from happening. We offer a kit that contains endlinks, stout mounts and bars.

Hardware - PERRIN end links include high quality hardware including stainless steel spacers and high quality, Grade 8 bolts.

5 Year Warranty - PERRIN Performance warrants to the original purchaser, all PERRIN products to be free from defects in material and workmanship within a sixty (60) months period from the date of manufacture.

Box Contents:

  • (1) Set of PERRIN Xtreme Duty rear endlinks
  • All necessary hardware
  • Instructions
  • Stickers
  • Warranty


  • 04-07 Subaru Impreza STI
  • 04-08 Subaru Forester

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