Z1 Rear HICAS Eliminator - Nissan 300zx

Z1 Rear HICAS Eliminator - Nissan 300zx
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Product Description

The 4 wheel steering feature of the 300ZX Twin Turbo can be troublesome. Experienced drivers will notice a vague feel from the HICAS assembly as they pitch the car into a hard corner. The factory unit is subject to wear and replacement is quite expensive. At 4 pounds, this HICAS Eliminator saves 8 pounds over the factory setup, and eliminates the 4 wheel steering. The key feature that sets this kit apart from the competition is the bypass fitting that eliminates not only the HICAS solenoid in the engine bay but all the pressurized fluid lines running to the back of the car.

The basic Z1 HICAS elimination kit includes:
-Polished Z1 HICAS eliminator bar
-Z1 HICAS solenoid bypass fitting
-Copper Crush Washers

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