Whiteline W83389 Radius Rod to Chassis/Compression Rod Bushing

Whiteline W83389 Radius Rod to Chassis/Compression Rod Bushing
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Product Description

Whiteline W83389 Radius Rod to Chassis/Compression Rod Bushing - 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe

Whiteline Plus bushings provide the softness needed for street driven, low vibration, noise and harshness characteristics, while displaying extreme abrasion, tear and cut resistance, and near-zero compression set at a lower durometer reading of 70-80 (versus most poly bushings 100+ rating). In addition, Whiteline Plus polyurethane bushings are able to be bonded directly to the metal shell, which provide a method of flow control giving the bushing the characteristics of soft ride while on smooth roads, and when under cornering pressure cause the bushing to become firmer for improved suspension performance.

Whiteline Plus Overall Benefits:

  • Ride quality of softer rubber, with the performance of ultra firm polyurethane.
  • Long lasting, chemical and oil resistant durability.
  • Enhanced steering input,feedback, and road holding stability.
  • Increased braking capacities and positive brake pedal feel.
  • Permit optimum pinion angle changes reducing differential, tailshaft and/or gearbox failures.
  • Reduce take off and driveline shudder under heavy loads.

  • Fix annoying knocking noise from the front compression/radius rod that is common on the Infiniti G35. You can only purchase the complete radius rod from the dealer.

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