Whiteline W92994 Rear Subframe Bushing Kit 07-08 Nissan 350Z

Whiteline W92994 Rear Subframe Bushing Kit 07-08 Nissan 350Z
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Product Description

Whiteline W92994 Rear Subframe Bushing Kit 07-08 Nissan 350Z

One of the most noticeable compromises on the 03-06 G35 and 350Z suspension is the soft, hydraulic filled rubber rear subframe bushings that produce flex and squirm under hard acceleration and aggressive driving. To remedy this common problem, Whiteline has developed their G35/350z rear subframe bushing kit, designed around their famous Whiteline Plus series polyurethane bushings. The Whiteline rear subframe bushing kit offers 'no compromise' performance with their unique translucent black polyurethane bushings, specifically created to provide the ride quality of a rubber bushing at low speed yet offer the performance of a solid bushing when under cornering, acceleration and braking load for. These bushings will result in more chassis control and provide a more responsive, predicable and better handling Z or G. The Whiteline Plus rear subframe bushing kit replaces all four points of the rear cradle and includes all the hardware and instructions for a complete out of the box install.

Whiteline Plus Overall Benefits:

  • Ride quality of softer rubber, with the performance of ultra firm polyurethane.
  • Long lasting, chemical and oil resistant durability.
  • Enhanced steering input,feedback, and road holding stability.
  • Increased braking capacities and positive brake pedal feel.

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