Z1 ECU Upgrade - Nissan 300zx N/A

Z1 ECU Upgrade - Nissan 300zx N/A
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The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a a small computer which monitors all engine sensors and controls all engine functions for fuel delivery, ignition timing, rev limiter, speed limiter, valve timing control and emission systems. This computer operates based on a set of values of which Nissan generated in their development process of the power plant, however, they left a lot to be desired by the enthusiast. The ECU upgrade consists of the removal of the stock program chip and the installation of a socket which allows for quick and easy installation/removal of the EPROM memory. A new program catered to your vehicle's modifications is generated and installed.

Each of these programs have been meticulously developed on both the dynomometer and in real-world road testing environments to ensure that the vehicle performs as expected and with an adequate degree of safety.

Programming which allows for safe running of higher boost levels while maintaining "safety mode" configurations is our aim and no other company provides these "safety mode" mappings - something that leaves us scratching our heads even today.

Units receive thorough testing to ensure quality control.

** Please add the $300 Core charge below to your order if you want the upgraded ECU to be sent first. It is refunded once we receive your working stock ECU back and it is checked. **


If you want your upgraded ECU now and haven't taken yours out no problem. Just add this core charge and we will send you a upgraded ECU. Then when you return your stock ECU and we will refund this $300 core charge.
Regular price: $300.00
Your price: $300.00
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