Zemulator - Nissan 300zx

Zemulator - Nissan 300zx
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Product Description

The ZEMulator has come a long way from just an idea into a full-blown ECU tuning device delivering performance tuning used around the world and in the highest horsepower Z's built by Z1 Motorsports. Its creation is by all means a crowning achievement which has involved a number of different parties ranging from engineers from differing backgrounds, hardware developers, and software developers. An extensive amount of time has been put into the testing of this product which has spanned over the course of a year, involved over a dozen beta testers from around the world and has a total combined 'clock time' in the hundreds of hours of usage. Along with its comprehensive 'grassroots' style users manual, full-color hardware installation manual, an active yahoo mail group specifically for ZEMulator beta testing communication and product support/development, this device brings the best of the best in tuning that caters specifically for one car, the Z32. Sure, one could go out and purchase a standalone engine management system and have full reign over the same thing, but the expense of such alternative is incredibly high, not to mention it is made to work with any kind of car out there, not specifically yours. Why buy a whole new computer that requires you to install it and build your own mappings from scratch when all you need to do is change how your already installed computer behaves? This is where the Zemulator comes into play.

The Zemulator will require that your ECU's main board is socketed where the stock EPROM is located*. Simply open the ECU, remove the EPROM, plug the provided cable/connector into the socket, close up the ECU and reinstall it under the floorboard. You are now ready to start your car and run with the provided AshSpec program already in the emulator.

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