Tomei 11987591 87.5mm Titanium Top Ring Set Nissan Skyline GT-R RB26DETT

Tomei 11987591 87.5mm Titanium Top Ring Set Nissan Skyline GT-R RB26DETT
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Tomei 11987591 87.5mm Titanium Top Ring Set Nissan Skyline GT-R RB26DETT

Tomei began operations in 1968 as a race car tuner in Japan. Over the last 40 years Japan has emerged as one of the leaders in automotive research, racing, and culture. Tomei products have been utilized in nearly every motor sport imaginable. Tomei’s racing heritage means their research and design team have first hand knowledge of the extreme demands racing puts on an engine. Using only the highest quality materials means that Tomei’s products can handle the intense strain and heat a purpose built engine will experience whether it be on the street or the track. Tomei’s attention to detail is second to none. All of their products are thoroughly researched and engineered to achieve optimal efficiency. Because of even miniscule differences in measurements can cause catastrophic engine failure, all Tomei products fall within strict tolerances. Tomei machines all of their engine components to enhance airflow and ensure proper fitment and seal.

Piston rings perform a number of important functions. They seal the gap between the piston and cylinder wall to prevent combustion gases from blowing by into the crankcase. They stabilize the piston as it travels up and down in the bore. They help cool the piston by transferring heat into the engine block. They scrape oil off the cylinder walls. Most importantly they seal the combustion process in your engine so that all the force generated is used to push down the piston and isn’t being wasted. That’s a tall order, especially in high-horsepower engines that are driven aggressively. Higher boost levels, hotter temperatures, high rpm redlines, and hard acceleration are all in addition too the piston rings already huge task. Don’t let inferior piston rings be the weak link your race setup. Tomei piston rings ensure that your high hp race engine is reaching full compression, and will be able to handle extreme race situations.

Titanium coated piston rings reduce friction, this in turn reduces engine wear, temperature and increases engine efficiency. Reducing friction is especially important in race applications because the engine spends a majority of its operating time in higher rpm ranges.


  • Titanium Top Ring Set
  • 87.5mm
  • Application: RB26/RB25

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