INNOVATE 3806 Single Channel Wideband W/ OBD-ll LM-2

INNOVATE 3806 Single Channel Wideband W/ OBD-ll LM-2
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Product Description

Innovate Motorsports LM2 Wideband O2 Meter with integrated OBD2 scan tool and 32-channel datalogger. Innovate's newest wideband O2 meter combines a digital air fuel meter with OBD diagnostics and datalogging to an SD card to provide the ultimate tuning and diagnostics tool. The LM-2 wideband circuity self-calibrates for changes in temperature, altitude and sensor conditions.

The LM-2 wideband O2 meter features:

  • Patented “Direct Digital” Wideband Technology
  • Wideband O2 Compatible with ALL fuel types
  • Single or Dual Channel Version Available
  • OBD-II Scan tool- read/clear DTCs and log up to 16 channels of CAN OBD-II Data
  • Log directly to SD card (included)
  • Playback log data on screen and/or with powerful LogWorks software (included)
  • Large high-contrast graphics LCD
  • Built-in RPM converter (direct frequency or with optional inductive clamp)
  • 4 fully-differential analog inputs
  • 2 configurable linear analog outputs
  • Positive lock connectors for all connections
  • Innovate MTS serial IN and OUT
  • USB connection to your PC

The LM-2 also features two programmable analog outputs.

The LM-2 is available in two configurations - single O2 kit and dual O2 kit. THe dual kit features two wideband oxygen sensors.

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