Apexi 415-XA03 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Harness

Apexi 415-XA03 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Harness
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Apexi 415-XA03 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Harness

The Power-FC is Apex’s solution to all of your tuning needs and stands as the flagship tuning device in the A’PEXi lineup of electronics. Depending on your needs you can order anything from replacement sensors and harnesses, or components such as the FC Commander, FC Commander Software, and Boost Control Kit to further complement your Power FC needs. FC COMMANDER (part of Power FC)The FC COMMANDER is a hand held controller designed to allow access to the vital parameters within the Power FC. The unit allows a wide range of data modification through its large back lit LCD display. The unit has been designed so that one finger can control a wide array of data. Once connected, the A'PEXi logo will appear in the screen taking the user to the Main Menu. From here, the user can access the three Main Menus (Monitor, Setting, Etc.) The FC COMMANDER "communicates" with the Power FC control unit thereby creating one of the first interactive user friendly fuel management systems.


  • Power FC Accessory
  • For Use with ALL D-JETRO UNITS

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