Muteki 41885U Closed-Ended Lug Nuts 12x1.25mm Blue

Muteki 41885U Closed-Ended Lug Nuts 12x1.25mm Blue
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Product Description

Muteki 41885U Closed-Ended Lug Nuts 12x1.25mm Blue

Muteki Closed-Ended Lug Nuts are high-quality lug nuts designed for the needs of the car enthusiast on a budget. These closed-ended lug nuts keep wheel studs free from dirt and moisture and prevents rust for wheels that are not removed frequently. The lug nuts have a compact design making them able to be used with almost all tuner wheels, especially wheels designed with small lug holes. The lightweight design reduced the weight of each wheel by 24 grams per lug on average; improving vehicle dynamics and feel. These lug nuts are manufactured from cold-forged 1008 steel which allows for the compact, lightweight design while increasing the strength of each lug. Each lug nut is manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances for proper engagement on the whole length of the stud.

The 12x1.25mm thread pattern is suitable for for Infiniti, Nissan and Subaru. The blue color accents gunmetal and black rims or provide an excellent contrast to brighter colored wheels. The set includes 20 lug nuts and key adapter.

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