HKS 45003-AK009 EVC-S Boost Controller

HKS 45003-AK009 EVC-S Boost Controller
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Product Description

HKS 45003-AK009 EVC-S Boost Controller

The EVC-S features a solenoid valve specifically designed to accurately control boost pressure up to 250kPa or 36 PSI, 2 boost level settings as well as settings for offset and boost response. Also included are: overboost warning with drop boost feature; peak hold boost readings; after-image display; data lock and an internal diagnostic function. Designed to be compatible with both internal and external wastegates, the EVC-S also complements the current HKS Turbo Timers and AF Knock Amp.


  • Affordable model of the HKS EVC series
  • Specially designed solenoid valve for boost control function
  • Compatible with internal and external wastegates
  • Junction connection system allows display unit, solenoid valve and boost sensor to be directly connected to the control unit enabling an easy installation.
  • Display unit is the same design concept as the latest HKS electronic products and is selectable from kPa to PSI
  • Turbocharged Vehicles
  • EVC Boost Controller Not Included.

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