Stillen 504355 Dual Exuast System 09+ Nissan 370Z

Stillen 504355 Dual Exuast System 09+ Nissan 370Z
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Stillen 504355 Dual Exuast System 09+ Nissan 370Z

STILLEN is proud to offer the complete, true dual, stainless steel exhaust system for the NISSAN 370Z. Constructed out of polished stainless steel and finished with 4.5" polished 304 stainless tips and polished mufflers this exhaust nets a gain of 18 rear wheel horsepower!

With years of experience on the VQ35 engines STILLEN was able to utilize that knowledge with the larger 3.7 liter and find hidden power in the factory exhaust system.

In years past, magazines have always shown the STILLEN exhaust to be the most powerful exhaust when tested in their comparison shootouts. Constantly remarking on the superior construction, perfect fit and finish and attention to detail. With a sound that offers an aggressive, yet refined note that does not disturb the senses or drone inside the vehicle.


  • Maximum Horsepower - Dyno proven +18hp at the wheels
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual 4.5" 304SS Tips
  • Aggressive Tone Without Annoying Drone
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Stock Exhaust

Muffler Section - 26.8lbs (highly inefficient
Y-Pipe - 11.6lbs
Resonated Y-Pipe - 15.6lbs
Total: 54.0lbs


Muffler Section - 39.6lbs (proven huge hp gains)
Y-Pipe - 11.3lbs
Resonated Y-Pipe - 14.4lbs
Total: 65.3lbs

Difference: +11.3lbs and 18whp

Also note that the weight is at the lowest point of the car, over the rear wheels, which will increase traction.

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