HKS 71008-KN005 Super SQV4 BOV Nissan 300ZX (3.0) Turbo

HKS 71008-KN005 Super SQV4 BOV Nissan 300ZX (3.0) Turbo
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HKS 71008-KN005 Super SQV4 BOV Nissan 300ZX (3.0) Turbo

HKS Sequential V4 blow-off valves for the Nissan 300zx. Compressor Bypass Valves can play a vital role in any successful turbo system. They not only improve the performance of your VG30 engine but they increase the longevity of the turbochargers as well. The function of a compressor Bypass Valve is to relieve compressor surge (pressurized air normally forced backwards through the turbo upon deceleration) without reducing compressor speed. Repeated stress from compressor surge can damage the turbocharger and cause turbo failure. The lattes version incorporates a very unique sound - very similar to what you would hear on the IMSA GTP cars. In our opinion, a very cool sound indeed. Available in kit form for many applications, or as blow-off valves alone.

Super SQV 3 features include a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve which is swaged to the primary valve, a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to increase sealing & durability. To assure buyers that they are purchasing an authentic HKS product, the new design incorporates a holographic HKS logo on the back of the valve as well as additional HKS logos cast onto the body. Most vehicle specific Super SQV kits include both the HKS Triple Fin Sound insert and Recirculation insert.


  • Years: 90-96
  • Includes 2 Super SQV Units

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