HKS 80140-AN013 Hipermax III Suspension Nissan 370Z

HKS 80140-AN013 Hipermax III Suspension Nissan 370Z
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HKS 80140-AN013 Hipermax III Suspension Kit Nissan 370Z

With the Hipermax III suspension series, the driver gains increased wheel control with improved performance of all vehicle dynamics and increased driver command in all conditions. Hipermax III combines track-quality control with excellent ride and handling characteristics at real-world street speeds. HKS' all-new Hiper Linear Piston Fluid Channel System damping system creates a positive relationship between piston speed and damping force, making it possible to produce a suspension that provides track-level control and feedback with exceptional ride quality at the same time.

In addition, the Hipermax III is shock-body adjustable (most applications) to allow vehicle height adjustment without affecting spring rate and piston stroke. With the Hipermax III’s range of adjustability, precise corner balancing can be achieved. Chrome-plated cylinder shafts provide excellent durability and newly-design rubber upper mounts reduce harshness.


  • Hiper Linear Piston – Linear progression piston adjusts oil passages for precise stroke management resulting in smoother valve movements. As piston speed increases, dampening rate linearly increases.
  • Strengthened rubber upper mounts – enhanced durability
  • Monotube design
  • Shock-body length adjustable (most applications)
  • 65mm diameter springs – Cold wound and manufactured in-house at HKS to ensure quality and consistency
  • Stainless lock nut & ride height adjuster – feature anti-rust & corrosion characteristics for enhanced durability.
  • 30-way adjustable dampening
  • Hard chrome-plated cylinder shaft
  • Non-electrolysis Nickel plated shock bodies provide durability in severe weather conditions.
  • Pillowball upper mounts optional on certain applications
  • Dustboots standard
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Years: 09+
  • Spring Rate Front: 9 kgf/mm
  • Spring Rate Rear: 9 kgf/mm

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