AAM Competition AAM37FS-FRSB Fuel Return System 09+ Nissan 370Z

AAM Competition AAM37FS-FRSB Fuel Return System 09+ Nissan 370Z
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AAM Competition AAM37FS-FRSB Fuel Return System 09+ Nissan 370Z

The highly-engineered AAM Competition 370Z Fuel Return System is the essential upgrade for improving the reliability of the 370Z fuel system. With force induction 370Zs easily producing up to 500rwhp, this system is capable of supporting the demand for higher fuel pressure to efficiently run a car equipped with turbochargers.

The AAM Competition HR Fuel Return System - Basic for the 2009+ 370Z is a direct bolt-on kit that converts the current factory “return less” fuel system to a full return fuel system. The “return less” system in the 370Z offers minimal adjustment to the amount of fuel the engine can receive. This type of system is cheaper for the factory to manufacture and performs well in the factory environment, but is restrictive once the engine is producing over 380whp.

The limiting attribute of the factory returnless system is that the factory fuel pressure regulator is installed in the fuel tank. The factory fuel pressure regulator does not allow fuel pressure adjustments and is incapable of holding consistent fuel pressure with most aftermarket fuel pumps. The factory fuel pressure regulator is also unable to add fuel pressure under boost. This system is a must have for any forced induction supercharged or turbocharged vehicle and any big shot nitrous vehicles because the AAM Competition Fuel Return System removes the factory regulator's control of fuel pressure and replaces the control with a vacuum/boost sensitive adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This allows you to adjust both the level of base fuel pressure and increase fuel pressure under boost.

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