AAM Comp AAMGTRT-FMIC Front Mount Intercooler Nissan GT-R

AAM Comp AAMGTRT-FMIC Front Mount Intercooler Nissan GT-R
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Product Description

AAM Comp AAMGTRT-FMIC Front Mount Intercooler Nissan GT-R

Product Details:

  • HUGE Increase in Volume & Surface Area
  • More Efficient Fin Design
  • Less Pressure Drop
  • Significant decrease in AIT's
  • Ability to cool at 800hp
  • Bolts in OE location - (will fit aftermarket pipe kits designed in a reflection of the OE pipes.)
  • Retains Front impact beam
  • Retains OE Ram Air Shroud

The AAM GT800-R Intercooler features a vertical flow twin inlet / twin outlet core with an increase in volume, fin-count and surface area (taller/wider/deeper than OE ). AAM specifically chose a core size which struck a balance between ambient air quantity, frontal area and plate area - just the right placement, thickness and core-plate area.

By approaching the intercooler design with balance in mind, we were able to achieve a core design which retained the front impact beam and the OE ram shroud to ensure a high volume of ambient air reaches the core. Additionally, the design and dimensions of the intecooler reduce internal drag, increase surface and core-plate area as well as volume without a weight penalty. The result is an incredibly efficient yet lightweight intercooler which dramatically reduces air inlet temperature without significant pressure loss.

By decreasing the air inlet temperature, the AAM intercooler raises overall density of charged air allowing the engine and turbochargers to operate more efficiently; thus increasing overall engine power output. Typically, the amount of the increase will be between 10 and 20% for the average (street) boost pressures.

Equipped on our GT-R with upgraded AAM GT800-R Turbochargers, initial dynojet testing on an 85 Degree Fahrenheit Mid-Atlantic day showed temperature decreases of 190 Degrees Fahrenheit from exit of turbocharger to entrance of the intake manifold (compared to 160 degree Fahrenheit decrease by the factory Nissan Intercooler). Equally impressive were the results for our intercooler equipped on a GT-R with the stock IHI turbos: 145 degree Fahrenheit decrease with the AAM GT800R intercooler versus 128 by the factory Nissan intercooler.

If the core can perform that well on the dyno on a hot and muggy day, expect enormous gains on the road where airflow is abundant.


  • Single Vertical Flow Core, Increase in Volume & Surface Area, More Efficient Fin Design, Bolts in OE location - (will fit aftermarket pipe kits designed in a reflection of the OE pipes.)Retains Front impact beam. Retains OE Ram Air Shroud.
  • 30psi 800+Awp Capable.
  • For Install: Core Support needs to be partially dis-assembled, front shroud needs trimming

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