BDE Low Profile VG30 Motor Mounts - Nissan 300zx

BDE Low Profile VG30 Motor Mounts - Nissan 300zx
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BDE Low Profile VG30 Motor Mounts - Nissan 300zx
The BDE VG30/Z32 motor mounts for the 1990-1996 Nissan 300zx were designed from a clean sheet of paper. The OE cast aluminum and bulky silicone filled motor mounts have been replaced with TIG welded tube steel and a pair of Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings. These bushings isolate engine vibration only... in other words, by design, the BDE mounts do not rely upon the bushing material's tensile strength or bond strength to keep the engine in place. Instead, the tension forces that tear apart stock mounts are contained with high-strength components and ARP fasteners while the engine is allowed to simply "float" within a polyurethane cushion. In addition, BDE mounts have been designed to provide clearance for 3" and 4" air intakes found on larger Garrett 3071 and 3076 turbochargers which are gaining popularity amongst Z32-ophiles.

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