CJ Motorsports S1-S Fuel System, VQ37VHR

CJ Motorsports S1-S Fuel System, VQ37VHR
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The CJM S1-S for the 370z offers a complete engine bay fuel system upgrade along with return fuel addition. This is a comprehensive system configured to maximize fuel flow while still utilizing the factory feed pipe from the tank.

While this system is created entirely of components borrowed from both the CJM S1 and CJM S2 370z fuel systems, it is more closely related to the S2 in layout, offering a clear and simple future upgrade path. Later upgrading to the S2 system involves just the addition of the CJM stainless feed pipe with external filter and CJM level 2 fuel pump modification kit.

The CJM S-1S is a series-plumbed fuel system built around the CJM FPD rails. An upgraded -6AN feed hose with OEM style Quick Disconnect fitting leads from the chassis feed pipe into the rear of the passenger side fuel rail. There is a rail cross-over in the front, and a rail outlet line leading to an adjustable regulator secured to the firewall. Exiting the bottom of the regulator is a -6 return line all the way back to the tank, supplying the return fuel to the CJM Return Correction kit. This Return Correction is a vital hardware kit used to convert the fuel pump module to return fuel while maintaining proper function of the integrated venturi pumps.

Installed with adequate fuel injectors and an upgraded fuel pump, this system can fuel over 600hp to the wheels on a stock 11:1 compression turbocharged VHR.

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