CJ Motorsports Stage 1 Return Fuel System - 03-06 Nissan 350z

CJ Motorsports Stage 1 Return Fuel System - 03-06 Nissan 350z
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Product Description

The all-new CJM S1-S RFS for the 03-06 350z & G35 has arrived to replace our popular S1 system. Revisions to the system have been applied in order to put the S1-S closer to the middle between our S0 and S2 products in price and performance.

The "-S" in S1-S is to indicate a series plumbing style, where fuel from the hardpipe passes through one rail before the other. A series system is ideal for reducing unnecessary engine bay clutter where more complicated parallel systems are not needed.

The major components of the S1-S system include our billet CJM FPD fuel rails, a billet adjustable rising-rate fuel pressure regulator, and our CJM Return Correction Kit. Interconnecting these components is the S1-S plumbing system.

Each hose is constructed from SS Braided PTFE (Teflon) with crimped hose ends. A Black PVC coating on some hoses protect your vehicle and neighboring components from the abrasion of stainless braiding. These hoses exceed OEM quality and durability.

The factory fuel hardpipe is left unmodified, and a billet Quick-Disconnect to -6an adapter is installed. From the adapter, a -6an hose routes fuel into the rear of the passenger fuel rail. A cross-over in front leads fuel to the driver side rail, where it then exits in the rear through another -6an hose to the regulator. A long return hose is supplied to bring the return fuel from the regulator to the CJM Return Correction Kit which is installed to your fuel pump module.

Compatibility and Fitment Information: Installed to your original rail spacers, these rails interface with the fuel injectors at the same height as the original fuel rails. Our included short spacers are recommended when installing with popular 48mm aftermarket injectors. These rails accept 14mm o-rings.

Included Components:

CJ Motorsports Billet v.FE FPD Rails:
  • Billet Machined and Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Integrated OEM Nissan R35 GTR FPDs with SS Clamps
  • Stainless Fuel Injector Retention Clips
  • Stainless Hardware
  • -6AN Fittings

CJ Motorsports S1-S Plumbing Kit:
  • Billet QD to -6 Adapter for Hardpipe
  • Teflon w/ SS Braid and PVC Black Coated -6AN Hardpipe to Rail Hose
  • Teflon w/ SS Braid Rail -6AN Cross-Over Hose
  • Teflon w/ SS Braid and PVC Black Coated -6 Rail Outlet to Regulator Hose
  • Teflon w/ SS Braid and PVC Black Coated -6 Return Line

Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit:
  • Billet External Adjustable 1:1 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Input and Output -6 Fittings
  • -6 Plug

CJ Motorsports Return Correction Kit:
  • Hardware kit for converting factory returnless fuel pump module to accept return fuel
  • Keeps OEM venturi system fully functional

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