Mines Esta Full Spec Suspension III - Nissan GT-R R35

Mines Esta Full Spec Suspension III - Nissan GT-R R35
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Product Description

The Mines Esta Full Spec III coilover suspension for the Nissan GT-R R35 s designed for drivers that want an uncompromised, precision suspension setup for circuit use.

The ultra lightweight, aluminum shocks are based on SACHS units and utilize Eibach or HYPERCO springs.

As well as being height adjustable with independent bump/rebound control, the bump/rebound can be changed for different speeds using the attenuation control, thereby offering 3-way adjustability.

Spring rates
Front: 12k~
Rear: 12k~

Damping adjustment
Rebump only 720. (Rod side)
Rebound free level adjustment is possible.
Bump only 36. (Tank side / Outside )
Bump low speed only 20. (Tank side / Inside )

Vehicle height
Front: -40mm (Compared to normal)
Rear: -20mm

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