Nissan GT-R R34 OEM Transmission

Nissan GT-R R34 OEM Transmission
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Due to Substantial Power, and multiple NON-VDC runs, many owners have noticed a large demand for new transmissions. Nissan does not warranty these transmissions when the VDC is turned off, and hard launches can cause transmission failure. NOTE: Warranty is still VOID on New Transmissions if the VDC is turn off

Nissan GT-R Transmission:

The Nissan GT-R uses an all-new GR6-type transmission, exclusively developed for the car. The paddle shift six-speed twin clutch gearbox is highly efficient - unlike an automatic transmission with conventional torque converter, there is minimum power loss so response and fuel economy is improved.

The Twin clutches make a significant contribution to shift speed. There are separate clutches for the odd (1,3,5) and even (2,4,6) gears. When the car is running in an odd number gear, the adjacent even numbered gears are pre-selected and are ready to make the shift immediately in the sequential-shifting gearbox. When downshifting, a synchronized rev control 'blips' the throttle precisely to synchronize engine speed for extra-fast downshifts. Borg-Warner triple cone synchronizers are used.

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