Stillen Adjustable Tension Rods - Nissan 300zx

Stillen Adjustable Tension Rods - Nissan 300zx
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Product Description

Precision made from 4130 stress proof steel, the STILLEN built Adjustable Tension Rods allow you to change over from the vague feeling stock rods, which have rubber end bushings. The vague feeling is usually sensed under hard braking and aggressive cornering as the front end moves for and aft. Another reason to make the switch is the ability adjust caster and wheelbase. Wheelbase? Yes, for those of you who may have had a slight hit in the front end or a run in with a parking curb, your vehicle may have a seemingly incurable tendency to pull left or right. The STILLEN adjustable Tension Rods will allow you to make precise adjustments and reset the wheelbase to proper specifications. Assembly using grade 8 hardware and race quality rod ends. The steering becomes very responsive to all your inputs. Silver Cadmium plated for rust resistance. Don't forget to align!

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