Z1 Big Brake Front Upgrade - 90-96 Nissan 300zx

Z1 Big Brake Front Upgrade - 90-96 Nissan 300zx
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Product Description

This brake kit features a 13" diameter 2-piece rotor with an aluminum hat and a special high-friction alloy disc which has been crossdrilled and slotted for improved braking performance.

The aluminum hat lowers the assembly's mass and this larger rotor assembly weighs the same as a stock rotor!

The additional 2" of rotor diameter vs. stock (11") provides a significant gain in braking leverage which is very evident when the brakes are applied - less force is required to produce the same braking power.

Directional internal cooling vanes within the rotor provide additional cooling for greater resistance to brake fade.

This kit uses stock calipers which are balanced to the rest of the braking system. The stock calipers are more than adequate to provide the clamping force necessary but with a larger rotor they actually dont have to clamp as hard to produce the same braking force - leverage works to your advantage! By using stock calipers, the entire braking system stays balanced and stock pedal travel is maintained.

Kit Includes:
(2) 13" 2-piece rotors
(2) Caliper relocating brackets
Grade 9 fasteners
Hubcentric locating rings
Installation manual

The rotors are guaranteed against warpage!

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