Z1 GT675RS Turbos - Nissan 300zx TT

Z1 GT675RS Turbos - Nissan 300zx TT
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We've taken the Disco Potato and given it a twist. Besides some modifications to make it a bolt on, the Garrett GT28RS is being used in its off the shelf form by JWT for their sport 700BB upgrade. Z1 also used this turbo in its "stock" form for a few months, but quickly realized that this turbo (the Disco Potato) wasn't well suited for the output of 1.5L (one side of the VG30DETT). It is laggy and doesn't produce huge maximum output numbers to excuse it. Through modifications in compressor cover clearances and changing the turbine housing to a smaller A/R, we have increased the response of the turbo without significantly affecting the peak output. The compressor and turbine covers are the same as the HKS 2530, with the same Garrett ball bearing center cartridge. This winning combination results in the best all around turbo for the Z32's over 500 whp, at a great price! Will flow 28psi + and can produce 600+RWHP on race fuel with proper tuning and moderate modifications. These turbos feature all new components; high output compressor, high-efficiency GT series turbine and compressor wheels. Uses a 5-bolt downwpipe and comes with flange adapters for a bolt-on setup to stock pipes.

With the addition of camshafts, intercoolers, portwork, tubular manifolds and our tuning abilities, these turbos are capable of producing 700RWHP.

We've always been impressed with the performance of the HKS 2530's now we are able to offer almost identical turbos built by the same manufacturer (Garrett) for over a thousand dollars less!

Kit includes: Turbochargers (2), New HKS adjustable wastegate actuators (2), Oil feed lines(2), turbo->manifold gaskets(2), turbo->downpipe gaskets(2), compressor housing to boost pipe gaskets(2), turbo inlet gaskets(2), and oil return line gaskets(2). Kit also comes with flange adapters.

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