Z1 Side Mount Intercoolers - Nissan 300zx TT

Z1 Side Mount Intercoolers - Nissan 300zx TT
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Product Description

The Z1 VG30 SMIC design for the Nissan 300zx is another of our pursuits to develop competitive products with attributes in performance and pricing to set it above the rest. Our continuing relationship with Bell Intercoolers provides us with the means to put our ideas into reality and develop our intercoolers to become what we believe to be the best available.

While our primary concerns are with the performance of the intercooler, one design element that had a lot of our focus was on fitment of the intercoolers; we found that other cores presented issues in this department such as interference with turnsignal lights and lack of fitment with stock ducting. The Z1 intercoolers bolt-up to stock brackets as well as use the stock ducting to maintain good airflow through the core. Without a duct, an intercooler in the sidemount position is going to have compromised airflow due to the fact that the charcoal canister, radiator reservoir, and wheel well liner are all acting as barriers - with the ducting in place, the high-speed ram effect being routed directly into the core face will force air through the core even with these objects close behind it. Maintaining the factory ducting keeps the new intercoolers efficient as well as the costs of expensive aftermarket ducting down.

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